NYHET 👉️ Ladda ner Cherry.tv:s helt nya Hash.chat!

Cherry.tv Hash.chat

We are excited to share our latest innovation with you in the form of an exciting new chat app! Hash.chat lets you stay connected to your favorite Cherry.tv models outside platform.

Hash.Chat by Cherry.TV

Hash.chat lets you exchange messages directly to each other's phones—even when she isn't online!

Now you can bring Cherry.tv entertainment with you anywhere and get to know your favorite models even more — and it's totally 100% PRIVATE too!

To get started, simply download Hash.chat in either Google Play or the App Store and login with your existing Cherry.tv username/password – no need to create a new account. The download is FREE too!

Your ‘favorites’ who you already follow on Cherry.tv are automatically populated in contacts, but it’s also easy to search as well.

Hash.chat lets you send text messages, voice messages, pictures, or video clips at a single rate per message set by the model.

You can conveniently pay in tokens, which you can top up anytime on the Cherry.tv platform, or in the app.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Hash.chat user guide, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact support.

We hope Hash.chat heats up your summer in all the right ways as you can now enjoy Cherry.tv on the go with all the discretion and convenience of your mobile phone.

See you online…and Hash.chatting too!